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The Question


  Ok, so I finally got around to building this, took about a year to finally do it, although the building and design only took about a day! I’ve always loved the Question, and although his is one of the most underrated heroes and most of you don’t even know who I’m talking about!  

About the character:

     The Question (real name Vic Sage)

1) Proficient acrobat
2) Genius-level intelligence
3) Master detective
4) One of the world's foremost martial artists and hand-to-hand combatants
5)   Knowledge of possible events in the past, present and future

About the set:

    The set is The Questions car that is seen in one of the few episodes of Justice League Unlimited that the Question appears in. I’m not sure what type the car is supposed to be, so this car is a mix of an old Chevy and an old GTO. The car uses 128 LEGO bricks. The set would come with 2 LEGO minifigs. The Question and his close friend The Huntress

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