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Nissin Chikin Ramen Hiyoko Chan Bus

Have you ever eaten instant ramen before?

Nissin Chikin Ramen (Chicken flavored noodles), invented in 1958 by Mr. Momofuku Ando, was the first instant ramen in the world. The product has become famous worldwide and a cute mascot Hiyoko-Chan was born to help promote the brand and its various products. This adorable character Hiyoko-Chan has become a popular mascot and even developed its own toys and products with shops stationed in Japan. (Hiyoko-Chan's homepage here~)

As the well-known mascot of the instant ramen, a Hiyoko-Chan Bus was designed by "Play Set Products" (psp) and manufactured to make a tour in many cities in Japan. (Tour Twitter page here~) It was so successful that the famous Japanese toy car brand "Takara Tomy" has made the Hiyoko-Chan Bus as one of the special products in its mini toy car series.

About my Lego Hiyoko-Chan Bus:
This Lego idea is based on the Hiyoko-Chan Bus with some modification in the bus appearance. A pair of sliding door is built at the back of the bus instead of the original design with door at the rear of the bus. As the bus to mini-figure ratio is not 1-to-1, a ladder is connected to the entrance of the bus for mini-figures to climb up and get onto it.

Apart from the appearance, I have designed the inner decoration of the bus as well as the control room within Hiyoko-Chan's head. Hiyoko-Chan's head is the control room of the bus. It doesn't look like a normal bus driving seat but more like a control room of highspeed railway or spaceship. It's because... the 3 minifigures in chicken and chickee costumes are the explorers from the "Chikin Ramen planet", and the Hiyoko-Chan Bus is an imitation of our public transport! They detached the control room from their mothership and turned into the Hiyoko-Chan Bus in order to explore the earth!!! ^^

The Hiyoko-Chan's head control room is detachable from the body of the bus. As my first creation of the Hiyoko-Chan design, I have made the head detachable to work as the main part for other creations too. It may fit into a Hiyoko-Chan train, Hiyoko-Chan tank, Hiyoko-Chan space ship or Hiyoko-Chan robot... etc. All up to our imagination of what the "Chikin Ramen planet" explorers are planning in their exploration mission~

I am a big fan of Hiyoko-Chan and would love to share this cute character to you. Hope you would find this idea a joyful one and give your support to it~

P.S.: The two pieces of hair (feather?) on top of the chickee head are the spirit of Hiyoko-Chan character. It's no longer Hiyoko-Chan if any of them is removed!

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