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The Tennis Court

The City Tennis Court

It's a hot and sunny day on the city tennis court. You breathe out as you prepare to serve the ball. It's match point. You feel the sun burning on the hot ground, and suddenly you imagine yourself to be Federer, Sampras, Djokovic!
The crowd is roaring and expecting you to win a grand slam title. Hey Chris! Wake up! Ah right, this isn't Wimbledon, but the training court. To get lost in the moment and have fun with your friends, that to me is the experience tennis and sport can give us. I'm always looking for additional stories and themes which can be included in a LEGO city and as a big sports fan, I got the inspiration to build a tennis court.

The Build:

I had a lot of fun experimenting with different techniques and ideas while creating the tennis court. As a big fan of modular buildings, the shape and size fits the modular series and can be connected to them. I imagine the court to be a great addition to any city as a display of fun and competitiveness.
The court itself is built with the parts being perpendicular to the baseplate, to create the thin lines needed for the court. It can be separated from the rest of the build. The referee sits elevated on one side.
On the other side, there are benches for the personal belongings of each player. 
The colour scheme consists of the typical orange used for tennis courts, as well as a brick build walls, which indicate a city training court.

The court includes 4 Minifigures:
  • 2 Tennis Players
  • 1 Referee
  • 1 Ball Boy

See you on the court,

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