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A Samurai's Send Off

Hello Samurai! War has come and the lords are being beckoned. It's time to part ways with your household until you return victorious! The Set is a samurai's homestead, choose which character fights for the family's honor. Within the walls of the homestead there is included a nice garden that features a pond and stone structure. The yard also includes a small shrine to the ancestors where your character can honor them. The house has inside an armor and weapon stand in the center and two sitting mats.

Set Features
  • 3 minifigures, 1 samurai, 1 mother, 1 baby.
  • 1 horse and 1 frog.
  • 1 Ancestor's shrine to remember their sacrifice and fortitude.
  • A garden with a pond
  • A house with two bowls, 2 mats, and an armor and sword stand.
Included as well is a second Kasa (hat) for either minifigure.

I built this set to bring back the epic old Lego samurai. The homestead was inspired in part by traditional Japanese homes. I think this would be a fun addition to anyone's collection and I hope this set brings you joy as it did me!

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