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Lego Wonders

I've grown up playing with legos, and i confess i haven't played with it for a while. But a friend of mine told about this "Lego Architecture", i've got so excited!

I have my old legos somewhere in the closet, but i just can't let 'em exposed on my living room, or next to my work table. I'm not ashamed of that, not at all! But grumpy people come to my place sometimes and they forget to grow up and still have the inner child (you know what i'm talking about!!)

Maybe with some historical well-elaborated legos, i can just let them all around my place and pretend i grew up :)

I wish this Lego Wonders could just be photo alikes, i mean, not just the Wonders, but the landscapes around them.

Well, guess it's all. Thanks for reading!

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