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Burnout Racebot


About This Project

It is the far future where for entertainment we watch a sport that combines racing and boxing with unique vehicles called shifters. These vehicles can shift from race mode to boxing mode by the simple flip of a switch inside the cockpit. The events break down into two parts the race and the boxing match. This model is called Burnout. It is a shifter that is built more for racing than boxing. All of the cars can be built with whatever balance between boxing and racing that the team wants. So the shifters can come in all different shapes and sizes as long as it has wheels it's in.

Play Features:

  • Can shift between race mode and boxing mode.
  • Holds one minifigure in the cockpit.
  • Roof opens/closes for easy access to the cockpit.
  • Good articulation when in boxing mode.
  • Sturdy build when in both modes.


  • One minifigure with racing helmet.

I think this is a unique and fun way to blend the two sports. If you like this project please support, follow, and share thank you for your time.

Thank you for your support.


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