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Lego History Theme

Hello, my fellow Lego/History enthusiasts!

For a long time, I have (like a number of you, I'm sure) felt the need for Lego to expand their horizons into the realm of World History. The recent introduction numerous historical minifigs, including the oh-so-coveted Spartan, samurai, gladiator, and the Roman legionnaire (which also promises to be ridiculously difficult to accumulate in any quantity), suggests that Lego MAY be poking at the idea, if only to discover the level of interest. Judging by the difficulty to capture some of these figs, I'd say that Lego should have a pretty good idea of the marketing value of a History theme. :)

Obviously, Greece and Rome would be big names, and big hits (in fact, another similar idea was submitted recently by Spiderpudel, under the name of "Legopolis (Ancient Greece and/or Rome)," which only goes to show the popularity of this particular era). However, the possibility for themes is literally as long as our recorded existence is! Just imagine: Egyptian Chariots, a Roman Coliseum, Greek Triremes, Babylonian Gates, Celtic Standing Stones, Mayan Temples, Mongol Yurts, Ming Dynasty construction of the Great Wall, etc; and ALL of these inhabited by their respective peoples! Picture battle packs of Romans facing off against Hannibal's Carthaginian armies, or recreating Guagemala, with Alexander the Great's Macedonians facing off against the might of the Persian Empire!

Plus, all that I've mentioned so far has been restricted to BC/very early AD. Imagine this theme gathering momentum from our overwhelming support (wink wink, nudge nudge), and pushing forward through the Middle Ages, with more castle-related themes than you could shake a stick at, to the Napoleonic Era/New World Discovery, complete with Spanish Galleons and English/French/Austrian/Russian, etc. battle packs, up to the Industrial Revolution, at which point, maybe, just MAYBE, we can convince Lego to finally yield on the possibility of WWI/II themes. This would be helped by the fact that the History line would be geared towards education, with the battle packs only there to 'help create realistic scale.' :)

Seriously, though, the History Theme could be approached in many ways. I like how GTVSketch put it with his "LEGO History" idea, where he's planning on attacking it from the Historical Minifig angle, with such notable persons as Einstein, Marie Curie, etc, with a little bit of background info included with each minifig. Another one could be the inclusion of a brief info packet on the specific set (eg: a Roman Coliseum could have details on the building, planning, uses, and modern application of principles therein)

One last note: I've focused mostly on the war-related side of history here, as that's arguably the most exciting area of history for a large portion of the target audience (younger boys), but, if it were to truly fly a History Theme, there would need to be an adequate balance of daily life, architecture, etc, which (in my mind at least) would be equally as awesome!

So, that's it for my little rant on Lego History. Please, comment away, throw ideas around, submit designs for specific sets, whatever you like. But, my only request is this: If Lego History is something you would be even remotely interested in, PLEASE support this idea! It makes more sense to unite under one banner, which is why I've tried to make this particular submission as broad as possible, so that, on the way to 10,000, the finer points can be sorted out. Then, at the very least, Lego will take a careful look into this. Come on, isn't the possibility of a Roman battle pack too good to pass up? :)

If you've read this far, then you truly are a fellow Lego/History enthusiast, and I salute you! SUPPORT this, and let's go for 50,000!!!!!


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