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RC Dune Buggy

About the Model:
Conceptual RC Dune Buggy (powered with Powered UP) inspired by NEOM McLaren Extreme E and Lamborghini Huracan. The idea was to create a Buggy with off-road and race capabilities, with a good enough detailed level (like seats, working engine, functional steering, and so on), and with enough power to be playable as an RC model. As a result, the model has 6L motors in total: 4L motors for drive, 1L motor for doors, and 1L motor for steering.

1) Module construction (the model consists of 3 parts)
2) All electronics (motors and hubs) can be replaced in 2-3 steps (without the need to rebuild the model)
3) RC controlled doors
4) Fake engine
5) Led lights
6) Functional steering
7) Detailed cockpit

You can see a complete video showing all features here:

Why I believe the RC Dune Buggy would make a great LEGO set:
This model could be a great addition to the following Lego technic series for adults as it offers:
1) challenging experience during the build process
2) many features
3) Radio control

Model Dimensions: 52.3cm x 32.3cm x 17.4cm
Model weight: 2.7kg
Total pcs: 2249

Thanks for your support!

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