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Who doesn't love the flying, goopy, bouncy, green, jumping, animated, mischievous, little guy called FLUBBER!?    Support this project and you can bring flubber to life right into your Lego world!  Accompanied by the one and only Professor Brained, the super-sassy hovering A.I. gal named Weebo and of course complete with the classic flubber flying Ford thunderbird. This set is a must for movie fans and Lego lunatics alike!  Feeling dangerous? Pop open the hood to see what this baby runs on...FLUBBER!     And of course this set is in honor of the late great Robin Williams. May he rest in peace. We miss you buddy.   BTW this set is obviously meant to be as the little crystal frog dude is perfect for FLUBBER (thanks Jabba the Hutt)!





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