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The Adventures of Captain Underpants


Tra-la-LAAA! Here comes Captain Underpants, ready to save the day from villainy, dastardliness, and talking toilets!


.. Wait, what?

For this set, I propose a set based on the hit series of books and movie, Captain Underpants. I grew up with these books, as did many of my friends and family. We all thought they were the funniest books on planet Earth. And for the set, I chose to base it on the book "Attack of the Talking Toilets". The Turbo Toilet 2000 is based on his appearance in the movie, while the talking toilets are based on their book appearance. I preferred the movie's design of the TT2000 because it was much easier to design in Lego form.

So what does this set include? It includes minifigures of Captain Underpants and Mr. Krupp, George and Harold, three talking toilets, and a mega buildable figure of the Turbo Toilet 2000.

The Turbo Toilet 2000 comes with fully poseable arms and hands, poseable legs, eyes that can swivel to be angry or sad, and an opening mouth!

The included building is the Jerome Horwitz Elementary School, the school that Mr. Krupp is the principal of and that George and Harold attend. The bottom floor is the gymnasium where George and Harold accidentally create the talking toilets using the PATSY 2000, a modified photo copier. The PATSY 2000 is included as a buildable prop! And George and Harold come with their drawn Captain Underpants comics!

The top floor is Mr. Krupp's office, where George and Harold always get sent to after getting in trouble. This room is quite basic, featuring two chairs and a swiveling chair for Mr. Krupp, along with his iconic red curtain that he pulls off to become Underpants.

Minifigure features:

  • Mr. Krupp: Smug smirk and scared faces
  • Captain Underpants: Delightede action face and red cape
  • George: Happy and scared expressions, comic book
  • Harold: same as George

Brick count: 856

I built this set because I had noticed an astounding lack of Captain Underpants ideas here on Lego Ideas, and I wanted to bring back a nostalgic series for those of us who grew up with the books and enjoyed the movie. Children would love this set for its wacky zaniness, while some of us older folks would love simply for the nostalgic value and the laughs. And who knows? It could get more kids interested in reading the real adventures of Captain Underpants, or reading in general.

Another reason I built the set is that I feel it fits perfectly with the Lego theme: Wacky, crazy, and fun... if you choose to let it be. So if you want to see this idea become a real set for children the world over to laugh at, love and enjoy, along with us older folks who remember the books... support it and share it! Thanks for your time!

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