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The Seven Natural Wonders of the World

These are the seven Natural Wonders of the World! Have you ever wanted to see them all, but could not travel around the world? Well, here is your chance to not only see them from the comfort of you home, but also in Lego form!

There are seven wonders: Mount Everest, which is known for being the tallest mountain in the world; Victoria Falls, which is the largest waterfall; the Grand Canyon, which is a huge and popular gorge; the Great Barrier Reef, which is the largest coral reef in the world; Paricutin Volcano, which is the youngest volcano; the Aurora Borealis, which is a beautiful natural phenomenon; and last but not least, the harbor of Rio de Janeiro, which is known for its stunning beauty and large size.

About the Build
Each of these wonders is displayed on a 10x10 platform with a background behind it. They are able to be connected together is many ways, or you can set each up individually. Finally, each has a plaque that says what it is and what it is known for.

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