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The Adventures of TinTin: Secret of the Unicorn

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This project contains multiple models and custom minifigures based on The Adventures of TinTin: Secret of the Unicorn.

TinTin is a world renowned series of books by Herge. They include adventure, mystery, conspiracy, tragedy, and justice. TinTin's popularity has steadily grown over the past few decades and the recent movie has made it even more popular.

TinTin is a young reporter who, along with his friends Professor Calculas, Captain Haddock, and his dog Snowy, stumble upon to many mysteries and conspiracies.

This theme would really only be about the movie, and its' sequel coming in the next few years. If you're wondering who Professor Calculas is, he will be in the sequel and the next wave of Lego TinTin sets.

Sets will include:

The Unicorn $84.99
Minifigures: Sir Francis, Crewmember(3x), and Red Rackham
Features: The fourth ever Lego ship! Opens up to reveal secret cargo hold.

Crane Battle $39.99
Minifigures: Captain Haddock, Sakharine, and Allan(first mate)
Features: Two large ship cranes with railroad track, and Ivan's car.

Plane Attack $24.99
Minifigures: TinTin, Snowy, Captain Haddock, Pilot and Co-Pilot.
Features: Seaplane with small rowboat.

Secret Cellar $19.99
Minifigures: TinTin, Snowy, Captain Haddock, and Nestor.
Features: Assorted items.

Escape the Karaboudjan $69.99
Minifigures: TinTin, Snowy, Captain Haddock, Thug(x3), Allan, and Ivan Sakharine.
Features: Deck of the Karaboudjan, steam pipes, and rowboat.

Castafiore's Performance $29.99
Minifigures: TinTin, Snowy, Bianca Castafiore, and Ivan Sakharine.
Features: Balcony seat, lots of chairs, the Unicorn, and a new falcon piece.

Hotrod Ride $9.99
Minifigures: Captain Haddock, TinTin, and Snowy.
Features: Hotrod car, and a dusty road.

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TinTin, Snowy, and Captain Haddock on the motorcycle with a sidecar.

The gang in TinTin's hotrod.

Sample Minifigures. From left to right: The Pickpocket, and Thompson and Thomson.

Sample Minifigures. From left to right: Bianca Castafiore, Sir Francis Haddock, Red Rackham, and Nestor the butler.

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