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Napoleon Dynamite- Rico's Van


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Napoleon Dynamite, a Jared Hess comedy film released in 2004, has developed a large cult following for its awkward hilarity. Jon Heder plays Napoleon Dynamite, an awkward teen dork with much to learn about socializing and dating. His brother Kip and Uncle Rico make things even more weird for Napoleon, and his friends Pedro and Deb have quirks of their own. All around, it's a great funny movie for the whole family. I consider this film a classic, and believe it would be fitting in LEGO form.

-This set contains Uncle Rico's van with a movie camera, football, and the infamous nonfunctional time machine.

-Minifigures of Napoleon Dynamite and Uncle Rico are included as well.

The van itself contains opening side doors and an easily removable top (shown above), using a system similar to that used in modular building sets. There are two seats in the front and two in the very back of the van, with plenty of room to store the included items.

I used a brown minifig head with a custom lacing pattern as a football, as there is not an actual football piece used by Lego. With this ball and the camera, you can recreate Rico's narcissistic attempts at reliving the glory days of playing football in the '80s. "How much you wanna bet I can throw a football over them mountains?" 

The handlebars and console of the dysfunctional time machine from a scene in this movie are included, complete with crystals and dials. "Wait... I forgot to put in the crystals." 

So as you grab some tater-tots in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of this pseudo-classic movie, click support and leave a comment! Don't forget to share and follow this project. With your help we can make this idea a reality! Thank you!

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