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Technic Small Remote Control Sports Car


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The idea is to try and create as small as possible power function car, where using two large power function motors allows some steering although this is at the expense of speed due to all the gearing to power all the 4 wheels.

Although it appears not too fast in video, removing the gearing to the front wheels allows a lot faster speed.

Shown with 16 teeth gears throughout, i.e. no gearing. Can replace with only 32 motor drive gear and neighboring 8 gear for the rear wheel axle to go 4 times as fast when only powering rear wheels. Car managed to do 5 metres in 30 seconds, or 6 kmph! .

The length is only 24 studs long and width is 20 studs long.  Height kept as low as possible by placing the smaller sized 6x AAA battery box on its side behind the seats, with floor clearance only 0.5 brick high. Easy to turn on and off and replace batteries from underneath the car.

There are less than 100 pieces, so would make a good power function set to obtain 2 large motors, infra-red control, remote and battery box with useful paneling for powering own MOCs. As same size can replace with the newer power-up battery box, and motors.

Please support if you find interesting. Thank you

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