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Corner Gas and the Ruby Cafe

They claimed there wasn't a lot going on at Corner Gas- but it's the most popular comedy in Canada! I've watched it with my parents ever since I was little. Earlier this year I found out about putting up ideas on Lego Ideas, so here is Lego Corner Gas and the Ruby Café! I built this over the summer of 2022. It has 2997 pieces. Having the gas station and café be solid buildings was important to me because I wanted it to be as accurate as possible. The way the buildings and roofs attach is modeled after how the modular sets do. I included details from several very funny episodes such as:
Mr. Mittens the stray cat
The Littlest Yarbo
The Dingle Puff behind the cooler (Actually a chocolate bar piece)
The air pump
The Clavett Cup
Emma’s lucky straw curling broom (It makes a thocka thocka sound.)
There's Cheese Whiz and Salsa (Oh, salsa!) on the store shelves.
Also on the store shelves, there are the travel mugs, which in the show said, "Corner G and the Rub".
I also built the cars from the show, those being:
Brent's '68 Cutlass
Hank's '83 Ford Truck
Oscar and Emma's '82 Omega
Karen and Davis's Crown Vic
Each minifigure has items specific to each character:
Brent: Hot dog (Later I could add a comic), camera and a hockey stick
Wanda: Book
Emma: Knitting needles and her purse and lucky straw curling broom
Oscar: Newspaper and Mittens the cat
Hank: Hockey stick and the Littlest Yarbo 
Lacey: Coffee carafe and a copy of Ruby Newsday
Karen: Travel Mug
Davis: Travel Mug
Josh: Pan
Fitzy: Blue mug
Fitzy’s Grandma: Knitting needles, Jam jar and blue ribbon
Myrtle: Knitting needles
Wes: Envelope

This set is incredibly close despite some changes that had to be made to fit everything in the gas station. That being said, this would be a good set as a model to display, but with the accessories, cars and other details, would do even better as a set to act out scenes from the show. Also, when it comes to accessories, the building software I used wouldn’t allow me to put things in drawers, so I put them lined up near the Ruby. (You know, mugs, glasses, bowls [with circle tiles for soup], waffles, sandwiches, ketchup and mustard bottles, a sugar shaker, Ruby Newsday copies, and newspapers. I did the same with chocolate bars and yellow and orange tiles for chip bags at the station.)  

Throughout both the gas station and cafe, there are other details such as bulletin boards, an auction ad, etc. 

I hope this will become a set, and I think it could, because the TV show was so popular in Canada, England, and now more so than ever America, now that it has come to streaming services along with the animated sequel. I hope that if it is selected certain elements such as the Corner Gas and Ruby Cafe signs can have stickers to look more like the actual signs. Also, it still is under the piece limit (3000) by 3 pieces, so if it should become a set, It would help the set to look even more like Corner Gas and the Ruby if it had custom printed pieces such as: 

The Ruby menu board 
The photos on the walls in The Ruby 
Oil ads 
The 1977 Junior All-Star Hockey poster…  
…and Holy Heck! The 1976 Junior All-Star poster (That’s where it went!). 

All of the cars fit by the pumps.

Anyhoo, Please do support, if you haven’t seen the show before, support then go watch the show. I jest! But please do!

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