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San Juan Bay Watchtower

The build is a microscale representation of the Colonial times' watchtower overlooking the San Juan Bay in San Juan, Puerto Rico. These massive walls and watchtower are one of many dotted along the "El Castillo de San Felipe del Morro" fort that divides the bay from the Caribbean Sea. These watchtowers are a key symbol of Puerto Rican culture, being common backdrops for pictures and some even being the stuff of ghost stories.

The fort was built in 1533 and has since looked over the Bay. The island was a very popular stop in the Age of Sail for boats to replenish their supplies. In Modern times, the fortification has turned into a renowned tourist attraction and the scene includes the "Paseo de la Princesa" boardwalk. This build will surely be loved by locals and anyone that has been charmed by Puerto Rico.

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