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Car - Ombra La Volpe(Shadow of Fox) & Showcase booth


Hello :)

The car is designed as a classic car motif.

Car name is "Ombra La Volpe". Shadow of Fox in English

Size of the car is almost 40 studs long, 10 studs Height, width 14 studs

I mixed the modern interior design based on the classic car exterior.

Used almost 820 bricks to produce this car. white, and dark red on a black body.

This car can ride two figures and the opening and closing of  doors and trunk.


Showcase booth have 3 section.

Left is Engine display section. 1:1 size engine display on 8x8 studs floor

Center is Description Section. In this section, designer introduce and explained the specifications of the car

Right is Maintenance tool section for this car. This tool is available as a simple maintenance.


And.. Nameplate printed on paper :)


I want the opinion and Support about this car.

Thank you for reading this article.
Spend a nice day! :)




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