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Dude Perfect: Overtime

                                                              Dude Perfect: Overtime

Hello, and welcome to my latest LEGO IDEAS submission, "Dude Perfect: Overtime." If you would like to see a LEGO Dude Perfect set produced officially, then please support this idea by clicking the blue "Support" button in the top right corner. 

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What Is Dude Perfect? 
Dude Perfect is a popular group of YouTube stars. It consists of five best friends: Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, and Garrett Hilbert. Together, these individuals have created a massive following of almost 50 million YouTube subscribers, and have amassed an impressive 10 billion views! Their content is mainly focused on spectacular, over-the-top trick shot and battle/challenge videos, but they will also occasionally post a new episode of their wildly entertaining show: Overtime. 

Why Did I Create This Set?
Well, aside from the fact that Dude Perfect is loved by countless millions of people, it is also family-friendly, which is a big deal to me. There are many popular YouTube channels, but most of them are inappropriate and crude. Dude Perfect always produces clean content, which I think makes them perfect for a LEGO set, as their content fits within the standards of what The LEGO Group is all about: Creativity and wholesome fun. 

What Is Included In This Set?
The set consists of two main parts:

  • The Dude Perfect "Overtime" Studio
  • The "Wheel Unfortunate." 

The set features six custom minifigures, including:

  • Tyler Toney
  • Cody Jones
  • Coby Cotton
  • Cory Cotton
  • Garrett Hilbert
  • Ned Forrester

Remember, With Your Help, This Can Become A Reality! 

Thanks for taking the time to look at this product idea, and please consider supporting it. Every support is vital in getting this idea to become a real LEGO set some day. On behalf of Dude Perfect fans throughout the world, we thank you helping us make this official. 
                                                                                                                        ~ JediPippin

"Pound it, Noggin, See Ya!"  

If you don't know much about Dude Perfect, you can check out their YouTube channel below:

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