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Launch Pad 39A: Space X Falcon 9


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Hi Everyone,

I am happy to present the Lego Ideas community with the Space X Falcon 9 and Launch Complex 39A. Please take a moment to read about the set below! Enjoy.

Space X Falcon 9 is the workhorse of Space X with almost 85 launches under its belt. From classified Air Force satellites to mini cube sats, Falcon 9 is one of the best rockets ever made. It is 90% reusable with the first stage being able to land back on Earth and the fairings being recovered, everything apart from the second stage is reused. Included in this set is:

Falcon 9 First stage and second stage


Crew Dragon (Dragon V2)

Launch tower

Crew access arm

Strongback launch tower

Falcon 9 First and Second Stage included in the set are highly detailed and functioning. With the first stage having moving grid finds, folding landing legs and landing leg struts to add on. The second stage contains a very detailed Merlin upper stage engine and either the fairings or Crew Dragon (your choice!)

Fairings have been included so you can use the rocket as a Falcon 9 satellite launch or a crew resupply to the ISS with the Crew Dragon. *No satellite is included but I may add one in an update*

Crew Dragon is included meaning you can display the rocket with the state of the art space systems and transport, Crew Dragon! Take crew to the ISS or simulate a launch to the Lunar Gateway or beyond.

Launch Tower is included to complete the Pad 39A look! The original colours have been used to portray the brand new Space X launch tower, that will be used for Crew Dragon missions. It stands the height of a Falcon 9 and has a large antenna on top.

Crew Access Arm is added onto the launch tower just like in real life. It has been built to perfectly fit the custom Crew Dragon spacecraft and can be swung back out of the way like the real thing when not in use. This took a while to find the perfect design and I have gone with the real and original colour scheme.

Strong Back Launch Tower is also included! It can be swung back when you launch the falcon 9 and the upper stage clamps close or open just like the real thing. At the bottom, there are what resembles the hold-down clamps and the overall look of the launch pad has been achieved in my opinion, let me know what you think in the comments!

I hope you like the set, it took quite some time to make and I am rather proud of it!

T-15 seconds, 10, 9, 8…

Brick it on!


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