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Wave Rider

Wave Rider is not just a Lego model, but a reflection of my families shared love of surfing. Wave Rider is an excellent representation of the surfing life style. It captures the thrill and excitement of riding a big wave, and encourages kids to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature.

I think people will love this as a build. It's a detailed and realistic representation of a surfer riding a big wave. The mini-figure with amazing prints are great touches and the red surfboard is a nice colour that really bring the mini-figure to life. It has exactly 247 pieces, making it a small simple set. Wave Rider is an excellent example of how Lego can encourage children to be active and explore the world around them. Lastly, I put a lot of dedication and hard work into creating this Lego model, and I believe that it's a testament to my creativity and passion.

The update illustrates a little more attention to detail, The mini-figure has been changed to look like a surfer character and both the figure and surf board now stand out against the blue sea.

many thanks to you all!

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