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Batboat: The Chase for Killer Croc

Batman hops in his batboat to chase Killer Croc, who just broke out of arkham. The Batboat is shiny and black with a mix of yellow and gray. It has a flaming piece in the back, two flick-fire missles on the bottom, and a giant bat wing in the back. Killer Croc's Speed boat has a crocidile like front and a giant engine in the back with two two jet engines. Each side has two flick-fire missles. The speed boat also has an easy escape route

The interior of the Batboat includes two computer/gps systems on the sides, some gauges and buttons, two control levers, and (for cold nights on gothams harbor) a heating system with some vents. Also batman sits comfy in his yellow seat.

in the back is a jet engine, to bombs that come off the back, a giant bat fin, and two minor jets

Killer croc sits in his cock-pit with some control levers to the boat. He has a place behind his seat to hold his tommy gun and special surprise.

If needed, killer croc has an easy escape. slide a hinge piece around and the cock-pit pops out the bottom. Then Killer Croc can swim away for Batman to chase him another time

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