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Phantasy Realms - Shankhay viper pit


Phantasy Realms

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The set

The arena pit where trespassers are thrown by lord Ax, ruler of the western continent southern deserts and oasis. The arena is also where he keeps his giant pet snale "Hunger". Rotating snake shaped throne and seats for other guests to see the gruesome spectacle. It also comes with a large snake that can cross the gates.


The Story

Shankhay is an exotic but inacessible kingdom. But Shankhayans like it that way. There is much to tell about this once nomadic people but everyone knows the are ruthlçess defenders of their most treasured possession: water. But ironically the desert canyons are filled with gold mines making them a target for quarreling neighbours. Such a small kingdom depends on their natural border - the desert - to fend off any attackers and history has shown that no army has ever reached the great city Kar-nuy-sha, where the royal seat lies.


In the set two adventurers were caught trespassing. Will they escape lord Ax's pet? Luckily they can count on the assistance of a beatiful princess who throws them a rope... now run, run, run :D


The Poll :D




This is a third approach to a new original project of mine.
Would you mind answering a few questions concerning it?

1) Overall opinion of the set?
2) Is this more oriented for boys, girls or both?
3) Would you buy it? Or it depends on other conditions - which?
4) How much would you pay for it?
5) What would you see changed in it?
6) If such changes were made would you then/still buy it even id the price tag increased?
Thanks for the help!



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