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Back to Mars: Mining Tunnel Driller

Please refer also to the main project Back to Mars - a classic space theme!

Let's celebrate the successful landing of Curiosity on Mars at the 6th of August 2012!

During mankind's exploration of Mars, a mining tunnel driller was needed. In order to satisfy requirements a special drilling vehicle was build: MP-503 "Tunneler"

+ 3 different linked segments
+- front: horizontal driller & engine
+- middle: driller & steering control
+- back: engine control and laboratory
+ team of 3 astronauts (driver and 2 engineers)
+ adjustable size (just add one more middle section)
+ Power Functions enabled
+ support truck
+- cargo bay adapter
+- trailer clutch adapter
+- driver
+ supply trailer

Support Truck with Supply Trailer

The truck has got an adaptable back: it can be equiped with a cargo bay or clutch. If the clutch is used, a trailer can be connected. The trailer itself can also be used to extend the driller.

Due to the shape of truck and trailer, tunnels can be passed easily.

Tunneler front view (driller with bits)

The driller is powered by a PF M-motor and an accu pack (all in the front). The roof parts in the middle (of each segment) can be easily detached.

Alternative driller setup

Creating more compatible segments based on the main building block is possible.

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