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H. G. Wells' The Time Machine


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In 1895, H. G. Wells published one of the most famous science-fiction novels of all time: The Time Machine. Titled based upon the main subject of the novel, The Time Machine took the world by storm - and the phrase, which H. G. Wells invented, became the universal term for any device used for time travel. Next year will be the 120th anniversary of the publishing of The Time Machine, and to celebrate, I feel that it would be fitting to recreate the machine as it appeared in its 1960 film debut in LEGO bricks. The model would make an excellent display piece.

As a set, this would feature many Earth Green and Warm Gold elements, thus making the potential for M.O.C.s (My Own Creations) fairly high; the nougat-coloured disc could further extend this potential. The rotating disc at the back of the Machine would need to be either printed on both sides or otherwise have stickers included; the same should be said for many (but not all) of the other parts. The original prototype here comprises 138 pieces; if I improve the design, I will give a revised total, and list the modifications named.

The cover image makes a comparison between the LEGO prototype (left) and an image of the machine as it appeared in the film (right). The other images are of the machine from behind (highlighting the need for printing or a sticker on the disk) and underneath to show the structure of the base of the machine.

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