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Traffic Signal Lights


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This is my build of a Traffic Signal & Crosswalk Light. We use them almost every day of our lives. Often times people will place them in their homes as decorations. So, I thought why not build some from Lego Bricks. Actually, I think that about almost everything.


  1. Can be displayed on a wall via the side mounting brackets or you can use the display stand to place them on a table surface.
  2. The lights work! There are 5 "light bricks" in total which are positioned by an internal framing system behind the lenses. As you can see from the rear image, the blue pegs are pushed inward to activate the light bricks while the yellow half beams rotate down to lock the blue pegs. In other words, you can keep any of the light bricks active!

Technical notes:

  1. The flat plates underneath the silver hinge circular plates consists of (2) vertical 2x6 flat plates and (2) square 2x2 plates w/ only 2 knobs which holds the circular plates to the frame.
  2. The connectors at the end of the hinge arms connect through 2x1 bricks w/ 1 hole which are part of the box frame construction.
  3. The yellow half beams in the rear have a ball attached for easier movement and a bush connector to keep them secure. This also helps to keep the blue pegs locked in place.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my idea!

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