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The Modern Office

I had the idea to build this modern building because I needed a place where the citizens of my city could work. I decided to make a company that is responsible for all the traffic in the city. That's why it is called "VIA" (Latin word for "street"). It is a building from 2010 which was damaged in 2018 and renovated shortly after that. On the ground floor, you can see the entrance area with a model of the first train the company developed, some comfortable seats for waiting customers, a counter and a few plants to make a good atmosphere.

On the first floor there are two offices with a table, a computer, a chair and a plant each. In the hallway, which connects the two workspaces, is a carpet made out of plants hanging on the wall. From the hallway you can look into the offices through a big window. The second floor is the former executive floor which was revoted because the company now rules itself and doesn't have a director. Only a few walls and a few pieces on the ground are still there. Everything else is overgrown by plants. On the left side of the building, there is a big plant growing all the way to the foundation of the building.

I hope you like and support my idea. Have a great day.

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