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Ariane 5 [1:110]


The Ariane 5 is the heavy lifter of Europe. The Ariane 5 launched for the first time in 1996. With a total of 94 missions with only 4 failures, this rocket is extremly reliable. With the ECA configuration(shown in the pictures), the Ariane 5 can carry 20 metric tons to LEO and 10 metric tons to GEO. Because of its reliability and lifting capacity the Ariane 5 is still in use after 21 years. It's expected that the Ariane 6 will replace the Ariane 5 in 2020 making an end to the long lasting Ariane 5.

This model has the following features:
The solid rocket boosters and second stage are detachable
The fairings can be seperated
Scale: 1:110(same as the Saturn V) and consists of 450 bricks

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