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Centenien N-SC7: A Car of the Future


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      This is a LEGO build of a car from the future, an advanced vehicle that will take you places in minutes in the creative world of LEGO. Built from my own personal ideas, this is a pretty sleek, white, and fairly speedy build. The wheels technically are made of medium sized disc pieces, but represent energy created wheels that go extra fast as they don’t break down when you go super high speeds. This vehicle has a moveable steering wheel, and also isn’t super big, but not too small.

         This vehicles interior can occupy around three minifigures, with one seat in the front, which is the drivers seat. This build also includes a trunk in the back (see one of the pictures) which can open easily. Although it may look fairly small, it can hold a surprising amount of items. You could even fit a LEGO dog in there if you position it a certain way. This build could be a pretty cool set, as it could be a fun addition for any futuristic/sci-fi fan’s collection. It also overall is pretty cool, and would be a unique thing to have in any collection of LEGO vehicles.

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