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The Blossom House


Here we go! Spring brings new projects and in particular my first work on Lego Ideas (give support!).

It is a two floor building with some fantasy and art-nouveau features.

The first floor is occupied by a grocery store. Some flowers and plants are displayed outside, in the crates under the windows. Flowers also grow freely all around the little yard. A well on the left of the house ensures cool water to them all.

Through a creeper arch and a wooden door you get into the shop, where a smiling lady shall sell to you some tasty fruits (bananas, cherries, apples) or some healty vegetables, as well as some refreshing juices.

There are external stairs to get to the second floor where a big stove welcomes you and warm the owners up during the breaks of their working days (sometimes spring can still be cold…). Beyond the black door a dusty attic is the kingdom of a mouse and some old papers and posters.

I really hope you will like this project.

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