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Camp Kikakee Battle Bus

Reintroducing the Camp Kikakee Battle Bus!

Help Ernest & his pals defend Camp Kikakee from being demolished by the vile Krader Industries!
The battle bus is one of many tricks Ernest has in store to save Camp Kikakee.

The bus has been equipped with defense mechanisms to ensure security & safety to Camp Kikakee. It has a tunable boat to launch a toilet (not launchable, the toilet is connected to the boat) to scare the workers of Krader Industries away. You can also put Pokey the box turtle along with his family in little launchers at the workers of Krader Industries to give them a good nip on the nose. The battle bus is also equipped with tennis ball flingers (really studs & flick missiles) to scare Krader Industries even more.

Ernest P. Worrell
Nurse St. Cloud
Chief St. Cloud

Hi, my name is David Criddle & I have autism. I built this set because the Ernest films were one of my favorite films growing up.

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