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Vintage Mantel Clock

Hi Everyone!

There was a long break, about 5 months for me. I was thinking about lots of new ideas in that period. So now, I want to present to you my new idea with fully working second hand. I have spent most of 2 days to create the mechanism of the working hand, and finally I synchronized the second hand with the real 60 seconds. I made it by myself, only using the little knowledge in combining the different types of gears for slowing rotation. I will share the full working animation of the mechanism soon.

This is an old style Mantel clock. The form was developed in the 1750s in France. It has two types of materials: wooden body and golden elements.

You can ask "Why is there no other hands, like minutes or hours?" So, I decided not to create them, because they will move very slow and drain the LEGO battery block really fast. I designed only the second hand, just for using this for stopwatch. It's pretty smooth moving and can be your good friend in some counts.

- The model consists of 745 pieces.
- Fully working and synchronized second hand.
- 5 custom stickers.

I really hope that you'll like this model and help me with your supports. Thank you so much for your attention!

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