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The Project

This LEGO project is based on the video game Subnautica. It contains a small underwater base with a minifigure, a Sea Moth, a fish called a Rabbit Ray and the Reaper Leviathan. It also comes with everything shown in the images.

What is Subnautica?

Subnautica is a survival video game where you must stay alive on an alien world completely covered in water. You can build a base, explore deep underwater caves and fight off giant scary fish. 

Subnautica :

The Pieces Are Colored Wrong!

Unfortunately, I didn't have all the ideal pieces that I needed to build this project. I chose colors that somewhat matched, even if they didn't completely match the colors in the video game.

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Thank you for viewing this project. If you are a fan of Subnautica, or just think this set would be cool, please support and share this with your friends.

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