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House And Apartment

This set is a Lego modern house and apartment with full interior and exterior. It comes with two buildings, an apartment on the right and a house on the left. Both buildings are able to easily be taken apart to reveal the interior design. Minifigures included are a receptionist and a family which includes a mom, dad and two kids. 

The first building is a three story apartment. The ground floor is a reception which consists of a desk, waiting area, shelf and a small plant. The next floor contains the living room with a sofa, table, desk, shelves, TV and a counter which includes a coffee machine and draws. The last floor consists of the bedroom and bathroom with a cupboard and two shelves. Minifigures can access all floors through the ladder and stairs at the back of the building. 

The house which is to the left of the apartment has a ground floor and another floor above it. The ground floor includes two sofas and a TV, a kitchen area, and a shelf. The following floor is the bedroom and bathroom with a desk and computer as well. This floor can be accessed from the stairs outside the building.

There is also an alleyway between the two buildings and both the house and apartment come with front gardens which include trees, grass and plants. On the roof of the apartment is a satellite dish and air conditioning unit. 

I built this set because I wanted to build something which is very playable and fun to build and play with. I think it is a good set because it is something which is easy to build and enjoyable to play with. 

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