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MISSION SPUTNIK (1and2)/ the First Satellite

Sputnik 1 was the first satellite of the earth. The  8K71PS rocket was launched at the 4 October 1957.  Sputnik – Russian for "companion" or "spouse" – is also a name applied to certain spacecraft launched under the Soviet space program. The Sputnik program was the world's first successful one to launch a rocket, a living being, and a human into Earth orbit. I did buid this because, I like rockets and spacecrafts. This would make a great LEGO set because its a part of history and it would make a great display piece. The minifigure on the left side is me ( I am from switzerland :)) and the dog is Laika, this was the first dog ever in space.

I know Sputnik is too big, too the rocket.
Build has 555 pieces, I have build it with big pieces !
I am happy about every supporter.

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