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Lunar Fire Department


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   A fire has started in the lunar colony! Help the Space fire department rush to the scene, suit up, and quench the burning chlorophyll!
   The sleek, red, fire ship, Hydrator, has a snug cockpit with room for one minifigure, a water hose, and extra gear in the compartments! The botanist's lab and home was built in two different missions: The Taurus missions and the Polaris missions. The bottom floor comtains a workbench, with detatchable flame, and a plant incubator. The top floor has a bright, space age carpet, a crab terrarium, and a shelf of chemicals.
   Thank you for reading about this project. It was very fun to build, and I hope you support and check out my other sets!
   Also, for my reasearch report on Legos, I would love it if you stated your opinion on your favorite flesh tone for minifigures.
   Thanks again!

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