Product Idea

Lego Rilakkuma

【Lego Rilakkuma】
Hello, everyone
Are there any Rilakkuma fans here? (I am not)
My girlfriend really likes Rilakkuma (the whole room...)
And she kept asking me to create a model with Lego.
I knew that is really pretty difficult. I used Lego software first.
In the light of most Brickheadz was 4x4 but the Rilakkuma‘s head was oval, I used 4x6  in the head part and 2x4 in the body part.
When I created it, there were a lot of difficulties, then I encountered.
One more point!For getting closer to the original color, I used Medium dark flesh color but five kinds of part weren’t existed in that color.

Afterwards, I intend to use stickers around the nose because Rilakkuma's nose was oval then tie a short string on the black nose.
Thanks for watching!

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