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Lego Rilakkuma

【Lego Rilakkuma】
Hello, everyone
Are there any Rilakkuma fans here? (I am not)
My girlfriend really likes Rilakkuma (the whole room...)
And she kept asking me to create a model with Lego.
I knew that is really pretty difficult. I used Lego software first.
In the light of most Brickheadz was 4x4 but the Rilakkuma‘s head was oval, I used 4x6  in the head part and 2x4 in the body part.
When I created it, there were a lot of difficulties, then I encountered.
One more point!For getting closer to the original color, I used Medium dark flesh color but five kinds of part weren’t existed in that color.

Afterwards, I intend to use stickers around the nose because Rilakkuma's nose was oval then tie a short string on the black nose.
Thanks for watching!

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