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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

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This creation was designed and built by my son Ben. He had an option during his Fourth Grade year to earn some extra credit for a school project on lighthouses by making some sort of artistic representation of one. Given how much he loves working with Lego, it was no surprise that he decided he wanted to try building one using bricks.

He spent several hours trying out different designs using the Lego Digital Designer. An early draft of the project was about twice the size of the one he ended up building, and would have taken nearly 1,100 bricks to complete!

He spent some more time scaling it down to a more manageable size, and then we ordered the pieces we needed from the Pick-a-Brick store. The results were pretty spectacular!

This is the view of the lighthouse from the Digital Designer.

The finished project was very successful, in no small part due to the finishing touches he added. At the top of this project you can see a picture showing the lighthouse keeper and an owl, and at the base of the lighthouse he included a tree and a small strip of sandy beach.

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