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The Phases of the Moon

Hello everyone, and welcome to my build!! Thank you for clicking on and if you could support it will be greatly appreciated :)

This build shows off the 8 phases of the moon, in one displayable set, with the added features of the Earth and stars. 

Starting from the left of your screen the phases of the moon are; the new moon, the waxing crescent, the first quarter, the waxing gibbous, the full moon, the waning gibbous, the third quarter, and the waning crescent. One thing I would love for lego to add to this set are sticker labels under each moon to make it not only fun to build but educational. Also, the Earth section of the build has the potential to be built showing different land mass depending on where in the world you would like to be on display.

This build has a total of 2735 pieces (including the choice of yellow or white stars), and measures 29.5 x 73.5 x 12cm (HxLxW) . In order for this large build to be structurally stable, I have also added 3 back supports which not only help even out the weight distribution, but also keeps the background strong and sturdy, preventing it from bending and breaking.

In the photos you will see the stars in this build can be changed to white, yellow, or a mixture of the two. I have included these 3 examples in the photos and tried to take photos at the same angles with the different colour selection.
I would love to hear what colour stars are your favourite in the comments below!

I built the phases of the moon because I am completely fascinated by nature and how we use/have used it. For example, our ancestors used the phases of the moon to track time, as it takes approximately 29.5 days for the phases to complete the cycle, which is basically 1 month. 

Also the timing of this model is very relevant with NASA’s recent space missions! 

Building this set was really enjoyable and it would be amazing if you all could enjoy and learn from this set also, so please give your support!

Thank you all :) 

Hello everyone, and thank you all for your support so far!
I have decided to add a little bit of fun to this project, so have you ever heard of the 'man in the moon'? It where people can see shapes on the moon, created from the light reflecting on the lowlands and highlands on the moon's surface. This creates the different shaded areas we can see and therefore shapes. One well-known shape is the face, which is known as the 'man in the moon'.
So for a bit of fun, I have taken this phrase quite literally and rebuilt the full moon with a lego minifigure hidden inside, to create the man in the moon!

I really hope you like this addition to the project, and if you do, don't forget to support and share the project!!
Thank you all :)

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