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Above The Skies

When I was little, I was absolutely obsessed with dragons. One day for Christmas, my mother gave me a book that was roughly 250 pages of just beautiful paintings and sketches of dragons. Before I started this project, I was going through some of my old stuff and I found the book. As I was looking through it, one of the images that left an impression on me was a painting of a group of dragons, soaring through the clouds, silhouetted against a magnificent sunset. After that, the image stuck in my head and I set to work on this build. 

The build itself is made up of over 500 pieces. I think that laying down the clouds would be a challenging but overall fun and satisfying process. The abundance of trans clear curved slopes would also be a mocmaker's heaven if this were to be made into a physical set. The dragon itself is fully posable, with ball joints on the wings, neck, and tail, and hinges on the knees and ankles. The diorama-esque nature of the set would also look great on a desk or a shelf, especially to dragon/fantasy enthusiasts such as myself. 

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