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County Advanced Rescue and Extinguishing Team (CARET)


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The CARET is a team of specially trained firefighters who are trained to a higher standard of advanced rescue and extinguishing than normal crews. They are allocated to a single station in the service and respond county-wide. they can attack chemical-based fires, ferocious wildfires and cut people out of HGVs, trains and even planes. When their extended-duration breathing apparatus is paired with an aerial appliance, the team can rescue almost anything or anyone from anywhere. Oh, and forget the chemical fires. They won't last long either.

I built this appliance on Lego Digital Designer for my own use, but realised Lego city has an apparent shortage of any heavy rescue units. This model aims to change that. 

The set includes:
CARET vehicle
4 CARET firefighters
CARET unit commander
Battery powered combi-tool
Hydraulic combi-tool
Scene Floodlight
Buzz saw
Commanders control tablet
2 Beaters for wildfires
2 Aqua Packs for wildfires
Extended breathing apparatus 
Breathing apparatus with mirrored lens
3x foam canisters

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