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Kraken Crawdad


After discovering the Defenders' Toadstool Tower across the pond, and being driven back by their brave dragonfly pilots, the Dark Forest bad guys have devised a new means of attack. Below the surface, the menacing Kraken Crawdad is able to approach stealthily with an evil diver in tow. Once on land, the mighty combat crustacean has snapping claws (rubber band powered) and a nasty hidden projectile (spring shooter) activated by a trigger on his back. How will the Defenders of the Kingdom overcome such a terrifying foe?! 

This is the 5th (IIRC) set in a series I have been working on, based on a whacky, pond-life fantasy theme. It contains 227 pieces including the diver mini figure. Most of these sets are primarily based on realistic representations of freshwater animals here in the US, with mini figs thrown in to give them some play appeal as well. 

This is my first submission in almost a year due to computer issues, but I hope you like it! Unfortunately I do not have photoshop or anything else yet, so please excuse the low-res screenshots. 

Please check out my page to support the other sets I have submitted! I look forward to your support and some fun comments; suggestions and critiques are always welcome. 


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