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The Fortune Casino


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Dear friends!

I am glad to present updated The Fortune casino project.

So what's new:

- new design of windows on the second floor;

- new design of the blue building;

- third floor with rooftop bar and swimming pool.

If you like swimming and milkshakes, you must go there!

Welcome to fabulous "The Fortune" casino!

See photos and support the project!



This construction set includes two separate buildings:

- The building of "The Fortune" casino.

- A small abandoned building of the slot-machines club "777"

“777” was a popular place for fans to play on the slot machines. But when “The Fortune” opened nearby, “777”club went bankrupt. “777” building is on sale now.

The casino building.

On the ground floor there is a small French cafe. There you can take a coffee and freshly baked pastries.

On the ground floor of the casino there are: Table for playing Blackjack, two slot machines, cashier, security room and money vault.

On the second floor of the casino there are: tables for playing craps and roulette.

In an abandoned “777” building someone attacker has dismantled part of the wall of the “777” building and is going to get into the casino’s money vault. He has all the necessary tools and equipment that he need.

Part of the wall of the store is fixed with a rod.

If you pull the air conditioner in the backyard, you can pull part of the wall of the vault using a winch. Then the attacker will have access to the vault.

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