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UCS Chinese Dragon


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In ancient times, dragons were seen in many different perspectives. From creatures with a killing nature, to thieves of treasure and abductors of royalty, to benevolent creatures providing harmony, wisdom and plenty. While the harsh, deadly creatures were a common legend in the western culture, honorable, wise dragons were praised as near gods in the east.

The Chinese Dragons are such creatures. Though most commonly related to bodies of water, such as the river or the sea, some were sought for to bring rain during a droubt, such as a winged Chinese dragon known as Yinglong. While Yinglong was a winged dragon, I wanted to create a Chinese dragon in a way that most people can relate to.

In this set, we have three major sections. The first is the dragon, a large, dark green dragon that is composed of friction ball joints to allow major availability of positioning. His mouth opens, revealing a bright red tongue, and his eyes are a bright green.

The second part is the first part of the garden. While both parts have a trail winding from end to end, the trail ends with a platform for people to view from. Two minifigures, male and female, both Chinese, will stand here as the dragon looks out over their heads.

The third part, garden part two, is the similar to the other garden piece, with the exception of it not having a platform, but instead having a palm tree.

The set comes with multiple flowers, with three colors: red, orange, and pink. Supporting the dragon are two clear pillars, as an attempt of giving the impression that it's flying.

This is the first of a continuation of my UCS series. If you wish to see my other sets, go to either my Projects page, or (to make it easier) search UCS Dragon, UCS Leviathan, UCS Yeti, UCS Troll, UCS Kraken, UCS Strike of the Ice Dragon, and Brian Jaques' Flying Dutchman (I would put up hyperlinks, but for some reason they're not working for me).

I hope you liked this set, as well as the previously made, and I hope you will like those coming up. If you have any ideas of a legendary/fictional creature that you want to see made into UCS form, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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