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Classic Town Museum

Like many Adult Fans of LEGO, my childhood was defined by the LEGO sets of the late 20th Century. While I love the sets that get produced these days with their wide variety of colours, pieces, building techniques and interesting themes, in my heart LEGO will always be the sets I grew up with, with their limited range of colours, simple blocky builds, traditional themes and basic printed designs.

This Classic Town Museum is a love letter to the LEGO many of us Adult Fans of LEGO grew up with. I have focused on features that will not only evoke this nostalgia, but which will also bring a whole new life to the older sets we might still have lying around.

Limited Palette

To make this set backward compatible with older sets, I have restricted the palette to colours available at the time - black, white, red, green, yellow and blue. I have avoided shades of grey and brown that have changed over time, or other colours that might not be found in older sets. I want this set to fit right in when placed alongside any other sets, classic or contemporary.

Simple Techniques

I want this set to feel reminiscent of how it felt to build older sets, so have refrained from elaborate building techniques. The floors have exposed studs for minifigures to stand on, no tiled-over walking surfaces here! Having said that, I do use a couple of non-traditional building techniques for the exhibit mosaics and the outer wall decorations, just to avoid having too many basic white walls.

While this set is intended to appeal to the nostalgic adult market, I want this set to have the same appeal to children now as these sets had when I was a child.

Displayability or Playability

Folded together, this set is a building that should fit in with any town plan. When the four segments are folded out, they form a showcase of different classic themes. The set can be put on display in this way, or used as a playset. There is a Pirate digging for treasure, an Astronaut in her space lab, a Forestman near his secret hideout, a pioneer woman making a withdrawal from a bank, a rally car, a prestigious sports car and a model train display.

I have also introduced a classic style for a new theme that did not exist at the time - the Caveman, inspired by the collectible minifigures and also the museum in set 60200: Capital City. The Museum logo and the mosaic behind the Caveman are based on designs in this set.

Either in a town setting or folded out, I hope this set provides plenty of enjoyment options for all builders and storytellers.

New Classic Designs!

This is the feature of the set I am most excited by. Each exhibit and all of the museum staff and visitors feature new printed pieces in a retro style. This means that you can take your old Pirate, Castle, Space, Western and City sets out of storage and bring them back to life by introducing new Classic figures! Your Classic Forestmen can have a new leader. Your Classic Space astronauts can finally get out of their space suits and into a Space polo shirt. Your Classic City will have an influx of new citizens.

Along with the ten new torsos, there will be five new 'classic' head designs. The set will come with two of each, to make them more easy to collect.

New Classic Parts

While the colours, designs and (mostly) building techniques are traditional, I saw no reason not to introduce modern parts. For example, the wheelchair (at time of writing) only currently exists in 'modern' light grey, a colour that did not exist until 2004. I have introduced it here in blue, because I believe this part fits in well with the Classic Town. Other new parts have been introduced when I believe they do not clash with the 'spirit' of Classic LEGO.


Basically, this is my dream set to bring back my Classic LEGO memories in a whole new way, and I hope you feel the same way too!

Please leave comments about what else you want out of this set - A Classic Space Cyborg? A Classic Centurion? Let everyone know!

Other Notes

  • I hadn't intentionally built this to be compatible with the Modular Buildings, but with an area of 32x32 it could probably be modified for the purpose
  • Along with the ten new Torso prints and five new Head prints, I have included a figure from set 6590: Vacation Camper, just as a little treat. That set was my favourite growing up and I have acquired an unopened copy of it to build on a special occasion... for example at the launch of this set 😉
  • This many new minifigure parts might be too ambitious for an Ideas set. A compromise might be to only have new minifigure parts for the museum exhibits, and reuse existing parts for the staff and visitors.
  • It's always exciting to see new Classic Space suits in colours like purple and pink, colours that had not existed before. In this case I don't really have that option, with my limited palette of six colours. Instead I have chosen to take a new approach and have designed a 'new' kind of Classic Space outfit, the polo shirt that astronauts wear when inside their base.
  • I tried to avoid using obsolete pieces, however I really wanted my vehicles to be accurate so have used a couple of pieces that have not been seen in decades. If this set becomes a reality I expect the vehicles would be redesigned using modern parts.
  • Rendered using the Mecabricks website and then all of the custom designs added afterwards using Affinity software.

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