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Narrow Gauge LEGO Train


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This project was shaped by the LEGO 4-stud narrow gauge RC train custom MOC which was built by a talented LEGO YouTuber named JangBricks.

The model you see before yourself is my first attempt at building a Narrow Gauge LEGO Train. It might come to surprise you that this model wasn't as hard to build as you may think. With just a few inspirational images to shape the project, things went pretty well.

The Narrow Gauge LEGO Train is 394 pieces. This train set comes with these Power Functions items to make the train run: 8883, LEGO® Power Functions M-Motor; 88000, LEGO® Power Functions AAA Battery Box.

On top of the orange diesel locomotive pulling the haul of train cars is a removable roof in the front. This is so that way someone can adjust the gears if need be. The grey boxcar holds the battery box. Parts of the boxcar roof can be taken off to access the green on/off switch.

The green passenger car and the caboose are extra items added to the set to make things more interesting. The more rolling stock, the merrier!

Have a good day, everyone! Tell me what you think of this project, please. If you think something interesting needs to be added to the model, please do not say anything bad, like "I can get something like this for cheaper on ebay." Good bye, everyone! By cheesy. 11/29/2017

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