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Dragon Knights Castle

Who doesn't want a proper Dragon Knight Castle? Well here it is! The set would be an addition to the Kingdoms line. It would be made to connect to 7947 Prison Tower Rescue but still connect together and stand alone. The dimensions would be about 9 1/2in. x 11in. It would be in the color scheme of 7947 and 7187. It would also have two wooden gates, two towers, and a duel cell prison. The set would include about four 10193 sized trees to go around the castle. Due to problems with my computer I might take a while till I get castle pictures up but a rough estimate of about 900-1,000 pieces. I'm thinking of a price between $90-$115.

There would be a total of 10 minifigs.
-Two pikemen, minifig would have a dark pearl gray helmet, with neck protector, dark stone spear with four side blades, black legs, and a triangular shield.^
-Two archers, minifig would have a dark pearl gray helmet with neck protector, a redish brown crossbow, and black legs.^
-One axeman, minifig would have a dark pearl gray helmet with neck protector, black legs, and a triangular shield.^
-One swordsman, minifig would have dark pearl gray helmet with fixed face grill, a dark pearl gray sword, black pants with printed design, and a triangular shield.^
-One mounted King, minifig would have a gold chrome helmet with a dark green plume,a gold chrome longsword, black printed legs, and a oblong shield(black horse would have improved Dragon Knight bard, gold head armor and a gold unicorn piece).
-One Queen, with altered torso.
-One Lion archer, minifig would have a metallic silver helmet with neck protector, redish brown crossbow, MdStone legs with black hips.^
-One Crownie pikeman, minifig would have a metallic silver helmet with chinstrap and wide brim, light pearl gray spear, MdStone legs with black hips, and a triangular Crownie shield.^
The heads could be different.
The 4th from the right minifig's helmet is suppose to be dark pearl gray.
The 5th from the right minifig's torso is suppose to be the one two pictures down and is suppose to have a Crownie shield.

Other sets for Kingdoms I would like to make or have made.
-Black Falconss
--Black Falcons Castle, 15 minifigs, 1,100-1,300 pieces (
--Forestmen's River Crossing, 6 minifigs, 350-500 pieces
--Castle Siege (attachable to 7946), 4 minifigs, 100-200 pieces
--Castle Inn (attachable to 7946), 6 minifigs, 175-275 piec

The King's armor would be gold with a little dark gray, the legs would have different printing, the torso would be different, and the queens torso would have a slightly different top.

The blue torso in the first picture is wrong so this is the right one for the Crownie solider.

This is the set (7947) that the castle set would connect to in back with some slight modifications. The pieces needed to modify would be included in the castle set.

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