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Gorilla Temple


Tim Duke is a hidden treasure hunter who has dedicated his life to decorating an ancient inherited map
from his father, and now with his wife Jane it seems that he has come to the end of his long journey.
The ancient map took him to a small island hidden in the ocean, and now a bridge separates it from the
Gorilla temple, one of the oldest and most hidden places on the planet, where an ancient samurai is on guard for hundreds years of solid gold glittering gorilla. Finally Tim will be able to admire and photograph this ancient relic closely and show it to the world without ever revealing where it is, leaving it in the mystery that surrounds it.


The Gorilla Temple is made up of about 3000 pieces and includes 3 minifigures: Tim Duke holding the map in his hand to reach the island, his wife Jane with the camera and the guardian of the temple the samurai with his faithful catana. The only way to reach the temple is to cross the bridge attached under two large rocks where they are there are two trees with pink leaves. Inside, however, there is a solid gold gorilla and to its right the reeds bamboo with real gorillas.

Being a fan of the adventure theme, I wanted to propose one of my favorites in the form of bricks.
I thank you for your attention and I hope you like the project too, I would greatly appreciate your comments and ed your support.
Come and visit the temple with Tim E Jane too!

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