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Franz I Steamboat


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I think a lot of LEGO fans like boats. A big ship as a set would be great and would find many fans.

Since steamships are part of our history, I thought I would model my creation after an existing ship. Franz I - This boat is the first regular steamer on the Danube. It made its first trip in September 1830 from Vienna to Bratislava and then to Pest. 

The boat has many play features. The steam wheel rotates, this can be further developed so that it can be tilted by hand or motor. 

This set consists of about 1500 pieces. It is built from real LEGO pieces, so these are all existing items in the LEGO palette. It is suggested to change the colour of some parts to give the set an overall look. Some printed parts/stickers are suggested. The boat is missing rigging, an anchor, cloth sail triangle.

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