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The Roman Arena


Hi to everybody


In this construction I want to evocate the mighty of the ancient Roman Arena where the gladiators fought for the life and the glory.

The building is quite big and complex: the plant is 60 dot by 80 dot and it is composed of 2997 bricks. It has been built starting from the single sector, where the most important element is the arc in different forms and dimension, from the section you can see that original roman building solution has been proposed to locate and support the bleachers and to give access to them. Each sector is actually formed by two sub sector one with the bleachers and one with the gate. Below the gates the arc solution allows the existence of corridors to move from one sector to the other.

There is a special sector that hosts the entrance of the powerful gladiator under the sight of the governor. The Caesar is located in a very luxury structure on a golden throne, on top of it there is the column with the fire of the heroes that burns during the fights.

Included you can also find 6 minifigures that represent six different types of gladiators actually existed.

I enjoyed a lot to design and build the  Arena, and you could do the same if the project will have success



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