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Electra Tread


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This is the Electra Tread, a futuristic motorcycle with a few tank-like features. The thin wheel, lack of a cabin, and long slender look are customary to mortocycles, while the armor and treads are common in tanks. It includes handle bars, hologram screens, slanted vents for the engines, an exhaust pipe with blue fire, and many other, smaller translucent elements and sky blue highlights. The rider has blue and white armor and a jetpack on his back. He also comes with a scythe-staff, and electro club, and his trusty multi-tool blaster.

Downfalls: The bike is a little weak right under the rider's seat and where the tread apparatus attaches. The front wheel spins very freely, though the tread needs some prompting, along with being fragile. I'm working on fixing these.

This would be a great, mid-sized set. It looks smooth and futuristic, and is fun to play with. The rider can easily come off and weild his weapons, or he can ride his Electra Tread at high speeds.


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